HushMat:  Reduces road noise, soundproofs your RV & Boat, reduces generator noise, reduces engine noise and reduces noise from your neighbors!!


#1 Rated Automotive Sound Deadening & Thermal Insulating material

  • Manufactured in the USA!!
  • Reduces engine noise on in-boards by up to 13 decibels - proven in on-lake study.
  • Everything inside a boat "RATTLES" - Hushmat stops the rattles.
  • Adheres to fiberglass, aluminum, wood and other automotive surfaces.
  • Lightweight at approximately 0.47 pounds per square foot & self
  • Treat generator cabinet, doghouse, floor, walls, plumbing, appliances to reduce unwanted noise.
  • Stops Engine, Road and Tire Noise and vibration.
  • Blocks Exhaust drone.
  • Simple to install!  Just peel and stick.

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  . Apply to transom in engine box to
    stop vibration
  . Apply to doors, floor, firewall, tunnel,
    roof, appliances and plumbing in
    your RV
  . Silencer the engine cover on your
  . Eliminates heat from entering the RV
  . Stops vibration and annoying rattles
  . Adhesion guaranteed!
  . Just below 1/8" thick & 0.47 pounds
    per square foot
  . Forms & contours easily to uneven
  . No surface prep
  . No cleaning required
  . Great for a quick Do-It-Yourself
    . In RV's, apply to floor under carpet,
    door panels and headliner
  . Absorbs airborne noise, wind noise
  . Adds second layer of insulation
    replacing old jute with latest
    underpad technology
  . Place on trunk floor to absorb
    exhaust drone that enters interior.
  . In Boats place on underside of
    engine cover to absorb the
    engine/exhaust drone
  . Place in generator and pump
    cabinets to absorb noise.

    . Stops loose wires and cable from
  . Adheres to any metal, fiberglass,
    plastic and fabric surface
  . Stops panels from rubbing /
  . Use universal tape in hundreds of
  . Soft pliable single sided foam tape.
  . Great for stopping rattles and
    annoying vibrations

    . Great for treating rattles and
    vibration in hard to reach areas
  . Apply with a standard caulk gun
  . Water based
  . Drys in less than three hours
  . Sandable & paintable








Enjoy incredible noise and heat reduction from your boat or RV.  

  • HushMat thermal insulating products reduce heat that enters your vehicle throught engine box, floor, dog house, or engine cover.  Driving in the summer do you ever feel like it takes your A/C system forever to cool down your RV?   Insulate your RV interior with HushMat.        
  • The noise in your RV while driving on the highway or your boat on the lake forced you to turn up the volume of your speech or audio system so you could hear over the noise.  Every one does it every day!   You don't have to.    HushMat installed in your Boat or RV will lower the noise floor by up to 13 dB which in turns allows the full significantly improves the enjoyment of your RV or Boat.   
  • Restorer magazine performed an independent study and found that HushMat reduced the heat transfer after a 4 hour ride/drive by over 40%!!!  HushMat lowered the firewall surface temperature from 175 degrees F to 100 degrees F with only one layer of HushMat Ultra!  Incredible results from  HushMat.    You don't have to settle for a hot and uncomforable ride - install HushMat today.  
  • Ask for HushMat as part of your next boat or RV purchase. 
  • HushMat materials have been formulated for the automotive industry for over two decades.   Beat the Heat with HushMat.  
  • Best yet HushMat is Manufactured in the USA!!!